Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Projects out of Cut down Trees

If you live downtown where you can catch fallen trees from recent calamities or you have neighbors who just had their trees trimmed? Recycle them and make a simple and easy to do usable things for your home.  This DIY project with trimmed trees is usually done with professional workers in the field of forestry or landscaping maintenance. You can find their crafts in their work sites and even to their homes. I usually see chunk of wood as a chopping board from meat dealers. But this time, for home owners, hobbyist or crafters it is something cooler to do in a normal living. You are more gifted in creating stuff the way they want it to be for your home. Do it like a pro with your right power tools and get the job well done.

Chunky side table
For a side table, you will need is a 4-5 inches thick wood chunk from the resources mention above. Use a chainsaw for slicing a chunk of wood from a fallen tree. Chainsaws works best for cutting wood easier and faster evenly and smooth. To make the cut smother, do sanding with orbital sander. For a furnished look, apply coats of polyacrylic to its surface applied as desired and protect the side barks with clear lacquer spray. Now lean and stick your finished product to a sturdy stool. 
Source: Greg of

Christmas tree Stand

Holidays will never be complete without the presence of a Christmas tree. Make your Christmas tree stand tall with a sturdy wood branch base from your sources or a local tree services. Just get a size that is suited for your tree. Drill a hole in the middle with 4-6 inches deep. Simple insert the trunk of your artificial Christmas tree and it’s all done. You can do finishes like what is mentioned in creating Chunky side table.
Source: Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio

Mini wood branch magnets

This project is much easier to handle. You will only need a thin fallen branch with 1-2 diameter, lasting magnets, super strong glue or epoxy and a cordless drill.  To create a eco-friendly natural wood magnets, start chopping the branches with a saw and do sanding a little for finer edges. Drill a small 1/8” hole in the center of your mini branch wood. After you got those holes, stick the magnets with your super glue or epoxy and allow it to dry overnight. Now you can enjoy your authentic magnets.

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